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We've created a closed Facebook Group just for women leaders, women in public service, and women seeking public office. We hope this group will serve as a gathering place for women interested in public service or already serving, so they may draw inspiration and learn from each other, share challenges and hopes, and work together to find solutions to better all of our country. The Moderators of this group are experts in particular fields related to women in public service. These experts will provide our members with insights, tools, recommendations, and advice to help guide the conversations between members.

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Read through articles for useful information and tools. Search our directory of organizations that provide support, training, endorsements, and more for women running for public office.

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Stennis Center for Public Service

This program is brought to you by The Stennis Center for Public Service,  a federal, legislative branch agency created by Congress in 1988 to promote and strengthen public service leadership in America.

The Stennis Center is headquartered in Starkville, Mississippi, adjacent to Mississippi State University and has an office on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. Programs of the Stennis Center are funded through an endowment plus private contributions from foundations and corporations.

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